mercredi 8 avril 2009

Tiko SA press release

Tiko SA has been forced by the HAT and mutinous elements of the military to suspend our operations. Against our wishes we are no longer able to provide shipments of our products to the people of Madagascar. We are strongly opposed to this action but have no choice as the HAT has made it impossible for us to operate. Over the past few months our employees have been threatened with force, our factories and offices have been searched and looted, and our raw material shipments have been hijacked at the port by the mutinous members of the military in coordination with the HAT. Unfortunately, our company has been forced to suspend its operations and cannot provide any essential food products to the people of Madagascar at this time. We strongly disagree with this closure, especially at a time when people need essential food products the most. We are concerned about the possibility of this situation deteriorating into a humanitarian crisis. We promise to the people of Madagascar that we will resume our operations as soon as it is possible to operate without intimidation directed against our employees, interference by mutinous troops, or theft of our goods.


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